iPhone Repairs Essex

iphone repairs essexWhen you break the screen on your iPhone its not only very annoying but it’s going to be urgent to get the screen replaced.

There are many companies offering the “on-line send the item away” service.
Cranham Computer Centre provide a local repair service where you can bring your iPhone to our Essex (Upminster) repair centre, you can talk to us face to face and be assured that your iPhone is in a known secure environment.

Essex based iPhone screen repairs

We replace all the Apple screens quickly, and efficiently usually within 24 hours. We have invested in all the correct tooling to provide a precision professional finish.
We stock the whole range and generations of the iPhone screens, and our shop is easily reachable from Upminster, Cranham, Hornchurch, Romford, Rainham, Brentwood, Basildon, Wickford, Billericay, Grays & Thurrock.

Water Damaged iPhones

We see a lot of Water damaged Phones in the shop, whether it’s been down the loo which is the favourite, or in the sink or washing machine on a hot wash.
Fortunately we are very good at fixing Water damaged iPhones even if you’ve blown the Power management chip.

The Power management chip will nearly always blow if the phone is plugged in whilst wet. The phone may appear to work ok , but the charge will go up and down erratically and suddenly die.
The chip repair is quite specialised due to the size of the chip and the complexity of soldering it to the main board on the phone.

Other common repairs are battery and screen replacement, often both and sometimes the camera, all of which are standard repairs assuming the drying process has been carried out correctly.

Do’s and Don’ts after you discover the Phone has gone into Water:

Do: The “Rice story” really is true.
Fill a container with Rice and cover the Phone with the rice and leave for a minimum of 2 days.
Keep it in a warm place or bring it in to us still in the container so that we can disconnect the battery and dry it out for you.

Don’t: Do not at anytime plug the charger in as this can cause big problems and also bigger cost

Don’t: Do not attempt to take the phone apart.

Don’t: Do not blast your hairdryer or heat gun at the phone, too much intense direct heat can cause major problems.

Don’t: Do not plug the phone into your PC / Laptop.

We fully appreciate that your Phone is vitally important to daily life, so being mindful of this we try to turn around repairs as quickly as possible , often in 24/48 hours.

iPhone Repairs

Please feel free to simply ring us for advice on the problems you are experiencing and repair charges, we are here to help and serve.

We also replace the following :

  • Loud speaker replacement
  • Water damage repairs
  • Headphone jack replacement
  • Camera replacement
  • Home button repair
  • Charger port
  • Volume button repair
  • Full fault diagnosis