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Cranham Computer Centre
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 84 reviews
by lorraine on Cranham Computer Centre
Customer service 5 Stars

Took my laptop in as it was not charging. Within a few hours Phil had solved the 2 problems and also rectified another problem with my security. 1 happy customer.
Would highly recommend this company.
Very friendly. Much cheaper than the bigger companies. Excellent customer service. Thanks Phil

by Craig on Cranham Computer Centre

Quick diagnosis and repair at reasonable cost. Friendly customer service too. Would use again if I had to. Thumbs up !

by Naim on Cranham Computer Centre

Spoke to phile regarding my ps4 issues, got fixed within 3 days, considering it had 3 different issues, it was given back all working and tested. All for a very good price.

by Mrs Margaret Osborne on Cranham Computer Centre
Reconditioned Laptop

I would like to say how pleased l am with the service l received at Cranham Computer Centre this week. I took my old laptop in to see if it could be repaired as it was very old and slow and l was having trouble printing off.
I was told l could have it repaired and as the windows seven was going to be obsolete some time next year. So l asked how much it would cost for a reconditioned one and l was surprised how reasonable it was. I left my old computer there and all my data was transferred for me and in a couple of days it was all ready for me to collect.
I am so happy with it so easy to use and very fast.
A big thank you to Cranham Computer Centre for making an old lady happy.

by Maude Anderson on Cranham Computer Centre
These people know their subject matter

I am a complete dinosaur when it comes to computers and gadgets.
I run a business and my computer is crucial for the day to day running and requires updating constantly.
I changed my iphone and it was not compatible to my system. CCC,
installed my documents and believe me there was a massive amount.
They went through step by step to help me understand, ensured that I was confident before they worked on my machine. They are 'old school with a modern twist', polite, caring and so professional. Where ever you live, however far away from this business, it is worth the journey, believe me. They know their craft very knowledgeable, and affordable.

by Laura on Cranham Computer Centre
Great service

My sons ps4 has been sitting in the box broken for months.

I decided to sort it out for Chtistmas .

Phil rung me and it was all done and dusted in 24 hours and it didnt break the bank

Good job done Thank you

by Steve on Cranham Computer Centre
PS4 repair

Contacted team repairs and explained the issue with the PS4. Dropped of the console next day and repaired the very next. Problem solved as it had 2 discs in the machine. Excellent service would recommend.

by Robert R on Cranham Computer Centre

What a breath of Fresh air

I was told that my Imac could'nt be fixed. After an easy re-assuring conversation regarding my Imac issues, I took it in and 48 hrs later its fixed.

Thank you Cranham Computer Centre. Great Job

by ann gayford on Cranham Computer Centre
Amazing Company

This is the second time I have needed help from this company and cannot praise them enough. Customer Service and Care second to none and prepared to go the extra mile to help. Fantastic Company.

by DAVID BROWN on Cranham Computer Centre

A few years ago my computer was hacked but the problem was minor and easily resolved by Phil at Cranham Computer Centre. In March I was hacked again and this time the 'hackers' really knew how to cause my

computer to totally fail in every aspect of its operation. Phil came

to the rescue and, after a few days, my computer had been restored....or so we thought!! When I got the computer home and set it up, several of the original many problems returned. After

going through checks with my Broadband supplier, we all came to

the conclusion that the original 'hacking' was so intricate that the problems still partly remained. Phil had to go through the

whole procedure again including visiting my home to witness the

events. Now, at long last, everything is back to normal and the

computer is far better than it was previously. Phil really did all he could to help and he succeeded in doing so for which I am

very grateful. Pity I can't give him 6 stars! Many thanks Phil!

by Michelle F on Cranham Computer Centre

hdmi repair done in 24 hrs Would recomend

by Brenda C on Cranham Computer Centre

I found these guys on Google . They answered my enquiry and I felt confident to take my Laptop there. Phil dealt with the issue and let me know the next day what he did to resolve the problem it turned out to be a Virus Hacker

Overall a good experience

by Dan on Cranham Computer Centre

Imac repaired mega quick All good,and relieved it's sorted

very professional

by D A on Cranham Computer Centre

Repaired a broken screen on a MacBook. This was dealt with speedily and the cost was extremely competitive. I was updated along the way and was impressed with the customer service.

by Whitmore on Cranham Computer Centre

Thanks for replacing the hard disc on my Mac laptop. I have now successfully downloaded the back-up and confirmed that I-CLOUD is working properly with my current work.

You have saved me buying a new computer for which I am very grateful.

by Sandra on Cranham Computer Centre
Excellent service

My desktop PC completely died and wouldn't even turn on. One phone call to cranham computer centre later and I was reassured it may well be a simple power pack issue and could be resurrected! Not only was my PC was fixed in less than one day, it was also picked up and delivered back to me at home. Can you ask for a better service? I challenge you too try! Thank you so much for your help and for bringing my PC back to life!

by D.M.Murphy on Cranham Computer Centre
Customer service

Having repaired and loaded Bullard to my laptop , It suffered a similar problem one month later..

This was resolved promptly and at no extra cost. Very pleased and would recommend whol heartedly

by Cliff Giddings on Cranham Computer Centre
Satisfied Customer

My newish desk top purchased from Cranham Computers in Aug 16. began to run slowly when trying to browse the internet. Had the usual conversation with BT about the slow download speed at the PC and was convinced that my old router was the cause. Seventy Five pounds later and on connecting the new Smart Router the fault remained. Spoke to Phil explained the problem and on his investigation my PC had 700 odd cookies slowing down the connection, along with other default adjustments he made, my PC was returned the next day back up to full speed. The moral of the story is to consult the experts first before making assumptions and incurring unnecessary expense.

by Lisa on Cranham Computer Centre
iphone down the toilet

Phone down the toilet, it fell out my pocket.

I took my phone to these guys and within 2 days had it back and working perfectly. Great service and saved a potential nightmare from happening.

11 out of 10

by New on Cranham Computer Centre

Acer Laptop battery ordered and fitted in 3 days. No bother

and good comms.

by Michelle on Cranham Computer Centre

Basically my sons Xbox packed up after I dropped it.

In the end it was a simple software thingy and these guys fixed it in no time. Cheap to.

Thank you thank you I have a happy son

by luke on Cranham Computer Centre
Mac Air

Water damaged Mac , all sorted in a week. Phil kept me updated every few days. Great service and I would recommend them.

by Dave C on Cranham Computer Centre

Fixed in 24 hours. Amazing service

by Hayward on Cranham Computer Centre
Great repair

Great repair, that's all I need to say, Great repair

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