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We take customer service very seriously at Cranham Computer Centre, here you can see some previous reviews by our customers.
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 73 reviews

I found these guys on Google . They answered my enquiry and I felt confident to take my Laptop there. Phil dealt with the issue and let me know the next day what he did to resolve the problem it turned out to be a Virus Hacker
Overall a good experience


Imac repaired mega quick All good,and relieved it's sorted
very professional

Repaired a broken screen on a MacBook. This was dealt with speedily and the cost was extremely competitive. I was updated along the way and was impressed with the customer service.


Thanks for replacing the hard disc on my Mac laptop. I have now successfully downloaded the back-up and confirmed that I-CLOUD is working properly with my current work.
You have saved me buying a new computer for which I am very grateful.

Excellent service

My desktop PC completely died and wouldn't even turn on. One phone call to cranham computer centre later and I was reassured it may well be a simple power pack issue and could be resurrected! Not only was my PC was fixed in less than one day, it was also picked up and delivered back to me at home. Can you ask for a better service? I challenge you too try! Thank you so much for your help and for bringing my PC back to life!

by D.M.Murphy on Cranham Computer Centre
Customer service

Having repaired and loaded Bullard to my laptop , It suffered a similar problem one month later..
This was resolved promptly and at no extra cost. Very pleased and would recommend whol heartedly

by Cliff Giddings on Cranham Computer Centre
Satisfied Customer

My newish desk top purchased from Cranham Computers in Aug 16. began to run slowly when trying to browse the internet. Had the usual conversation with BT about the slow download speed at the PC and was convinced that my old router was the cause. Seventy Five pounds later and on connecting the new Smart Router the fault remained. Spoke to Phil explained the problem and on his investigation my PC had 700 odd cookies slowing down the connection, along with other default adjustments he made, my PC was returned the next day back up to full speed. The moral of the story is to consult the experts first before making assumptions and incurring unnecessary expense.

iphone down the toilet

Phone down the toilet, it fell out my pocket.
I took my phone to these guys and within 2 days had it back and working perfectly. Great service and saved a potential nightmare from happening.
11 out of 10


Acer Laptop battery ordered and fitted in 3 days. No bother
and good comms.


Basically my sons Xbox packed up after I dropped it.
In the end it was a simple software thingy and these guys fixed it in no time. Cheap to.
Thank you thank you I have a happy son

Mac Air

Water damaged Mac , all sorted in a week. Phil kept me updated every few days. Great service and I would recommend them.


Fixed in 24 hours. Amazing service

Great repair

Great repair, that's all I need to say, Great repair

by Ray Faulkner on Cranham Computer Centre

Sons play station stopped working ,and the world was about to end.I had a hasty look on google and found these guys.
48 hrs on and all sorted and a happy son.
Definitely recommended

by Mr Barnett on Cranham Computer Centre
Ipad mini

Great service, and very quick. Looks like new

by Ryan Baker on Cranham Computer Centre

My MacBook had sat in a cupboard for months having been water damaged by my son .I found these guys on Google who said they could help.
Very helpful and professional people who quoted and carried out the repair to the main board. Brilliant.. im so pleased its now all back working .

by Mrs Picking on Cranham Computer Centre

Excellent service - very knowledgeable and helpful.
All work completed the same day and computer updated as new.
Highly recommended.

by Phil Wallis on Cranham Computer Centre
Reply to Jay Gilbert

Mac Book repair.
This is the first time that I have heard of an issue with a repair that we have carried out some 2/3 months ago.
At anytime if there is an issue or grumble then we should really be made aware of it so that we can deal with it.
If the battery is faulty then of course we will do something about it but you do need to inform us , we can test it for you although 2/3 hours use would not appear to be to unreasonable.
Please do contact us as soon as possible
Phil Wallis


ipad screen same day repair. Saved the day

Collected and returned

Found these guys on Google , spoke to Joanne who was very helpful and collected my Imac . Once repaired it was returned to my home in Billericay.
would 100% recommend

by Jay Gilbert on Cranham Computer Centre
unsatisfied repair

I took my 2011 Macbook Pro in for a service and a new battery before Christmas and although I have no complaints over customer service, I am really disappointed with the results.

I backed up the HD and asked for the HD to be wiped and the laptop restored to the factory settings. I was told that the old files would be left in a folder on the desktop for me to sort out. On picking up the laptop I found out that the HD hadn't been wiped, instead all the files had been taken off and copied back on to the HD in there original place, so it was exactly how I had left it when I brought the machine in. (This may seem helpful for some, but wasn't what I asked for and was told would be done!) The only thing I could see had been done was that my operating system had been updated, which is a simple task which anyone can do from the app store. However, I didn't say anything at the time as I was more interested in the battery because the previous one had lost its ability to charge so the laptop was hard to use.
I got home and started to use the laptop over the next few weeks and was surprised that the new battery was only giving me 2-3 hours use before I needed to charge it again. The laptop is used for basic web browsing and emails but if I were to play music as well it would dramatically reduce the battery life!
I had some suspicions that the battery hadn't been replaced, or had been replaced with a used battery. Unfortunately I have no proof of this as I didn't check the original battery before I passed the laptop over, but this shouldn't be something you have to think about when paying a company to carry out services and repairs on laptops.

What has cemented my suspicions on this scam is that now a warning message has appeared in the battery status display stating that my 2 month old new battery needs a service.

So, after paying out £188, I'm left with a laptop that hasn't been serviced to my requirements and a 'new' battery that now needs a service.
Ironically, as I was paying I was told that I basically had a new machine again. But really it feels exactly like it did before I took it in. Slow and useless battery life!

iphone 6

iPhone 6 screen replaced inside 2 hours

Saved my pictures

My MacBook wouldn't turn on , I thought my pictures were all gone for good.
Phil rang me and gave me good news that they got my pictures back. star star star star star

Got my pictures back

I wiped my hard drive trying to do a DIY repair.
All my pictures got wiped
These guys got them all back , I cant thank them enough ,brilliant

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